DO YOU HAVE A VENUE that needs great beer?
we have great beer.

Things we can help you with:

• Delicious lagers from England, Scotland, Czech Republic and Germany

• Rich and sticky pastry stouts from what would appear to be the best bakeries we could find

• Wild and tart sour beers from only the finest hedgerows

• Interesting spirits and locally made mixers 

• Tasty beer made with apples (cider)

Things we can’t supply you with:

• Puppies (without a decent ‘lead’ time, at least)

• Illegal contraband of any kind

run a brewery that makes great beer?
We’ll Be in touch.

We get enquiries on a very regular basis from very lovely people who we’re sure make very lovely beer, but as you can see from our suppliers page…we already have a lot of cans to juggle. 

If you’re making excellent beer, we’ll definitely hear about it, and we’ll be knocking your door down. Promise.